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photo by MIWAKATOH


10歳よりTAPを始め、宅原浩一氏・大阪Basement Studioより学ぶ。2006年単身長期渡米。
Derick Grant、Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwardsなどトップダンサーらのもとで学ぶ傍ら、NYやBOSTON TAP FESTIVALに出演。
NY地下鉄主催のMTA MUSIC UNDER NEWYORKのオーディションに合格し、地下鉄構内での公式パフォーマンスライセンスを取得。
2008年には台湾TAP FESにもゲスト講師・パフォーマーとして招聘される。
2008年帰国後は、熊谷和徳主宰カンパニー【Tappers Riot】のメインメンバーとしての活動を始め、様々なステージに出演する。
ソロ活動としては、都内を中心にLive・イベントに出演。イタリア高級車ALFA ROMEOの新作BRERAリリースキャンペーン『Follow The Beat』にて、プロモーション映像、ツアーイベントに出演する他、行貞勲監督『パーティーは終わった』TAPタップシーン、時計ブランドCITIZEN店頭PVなどに出演する。
また、自身が主宰をつとめる【Women In Tap】では女性タッパーに焦点をあて、独自の舞台をクリエイトしている。女性ならではの繊細な舞台に評価は高く、これからの活動に期待されている。


Shoko Taniguchi

Born and raised in Kyoto-City. She now lives in Tokyo.
She started tap dancing at the age of 10. She took lessons of Kouichi Takuhara, and then she studied at the Basement Studio in Osaka.
From 2006, she spent several years in NY City. While she was taking lessons of the top tap artists in NY, she performed as a tap dancer in Tap Festivals in such places like Boston and NY.
She has also earned a performer's license of " MTA Music Under NY". In 2008, she was invited to the Taiwan Tap Festival as a teacher and a performer.
After she came back to Japan in 2008, she appeared in several stages as the leading dancer of the tap group "Tappers Riot", which is lead by Kazunori Kumagai. As a solo dancer, she is performing at night clubs in and around Tokyo. In 2010, she appeared in a pop promo of a luxury car made in Italy called "Alfa Romeo" which was released at that time. She has toured around the country and performed at the event to promote the new model.
She also leads a women's tap group called "Women in Tap". For this group, she focuses on "Women Tappers" and she is constantly creating a stage of originality. The performances of "Women in Tap" has been highly praised, and drawing many people's attentions in the Japanese tap scene.